“We are in the Final Battle”


Everything that lives and breathes has to move. Movement is essential to life. We move to where the food is, to where the work is, where more happiness lies, and to where love itself lies. The potential and promise of more keeps life dynamic. It keeps love strong. Continue reading

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A Brief, Beautiful Moment of Home

Those of you who watch this space might also know that I’m a transplanted Southern man, born (though not necessarily raised) in Raleigh, North Carolina, when North Carolina was a much more southern state, and, long ago, even a state in the Confederacy. Continue reading

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Maybe this is Right?

Wisdom is the kingdom you get to be in simply through time, through age.

At that stage when your memory is kaput and you’ve forgotten everything you learned, you’re simply old enough to know better, which is that old line your parents laid on you whenever you did something dumb.

Of course you knew better then, when you lived under their roof and ate their food and wore their clothing and wrecked their cars. You knew that you were by no means old enough, but you also knew that you knew more than your parents did. You knew that if they knew better, they wouldn’t aim blunt and tiring old weapons at you like the “You know better” bomb.

And when you reach that lofty point where you really do know better, your parents are too far away to hear you admit, after the all of it, that they were right.

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Some new Woids and Idears fer Ya

Paan is wonderful.

Applectomy: to enter a shop with the sole intention of purchasing apples there, thereby removing them from the premises Continue reading

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Still waiting

It wasn’t that he left me,
Because he never was really with me. Continue reading

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Once upon a time, I drove somewhat regularly to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. And on one those drives, the mighty Atlantic Ocean washed away NC Route 12, the only road that goes south past the town of Nags Head. Continue reading

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School Daze Plus

On a certain episode of the classic TV sitcom Dinosaurs, Earl Sinclair admonished his rebellious teenage son Robbie that “School is a place you go to be out of this house.” Continue reading

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