One cab ride among many

Tonight with a friend I drove to Brooklyn from Glen Cove, Long Island, where we had a short Transcendental Meditation retreat that gave us a much-needed few hours in the woods near the water, far away from the grind, the noise, the concrete, and all the rigors of city life. Continue reading

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Forever Young

The rain will continue through the night, but my journey home, my second try—the consequence of misplaced keys, a rarity in my recent experience—has come to an end. Continue reading

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Looking back

He was hard to read, though steadily so, Continue reading

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That Old Sweater, with thanks to Rudyard Kipling

I have no favorite spots,
No favorite restaurants.
Like the cat who walks by himself,
All places are alike to me.
Continue reading

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The Dance of Life, the Dance of Love—and those Ups and Downs.

My childhood playground? Funny you should ask. My father owned an eleven-story office tower in Raleigh, NC. Naturally, it had elevators, and the elevators were hands down my very favorite things in that building. In the early 1960s the old crank-operated machines with their colorful (and colored) operators were replaced with automatic self-service cars that, wonder of wonders, had music “piped in”, as my mother called it. Continue reading

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This morning, a house guest

A friend in Fairfield, Iowa, where I’ve lived several times, put me in touch with a young guy who needed a place to crash during some film work he had here in New York. I was happy to have the company. We spoke briefly before his arrival. Continue reading

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My theory on air turbulence over Manhattan

Just a few days after I returned from a month-long deep breath in southern India’s monsoon, I gave in to wanderlust again. I booked a plane ride to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, so I could visit my old spiritual stomping grounds, the big small town of Fairfield, Iowa, where I have a house and a car and a number of good friends.  Continue reading

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