My heart has been driving an arduous road, a torturous road


My heart has been driving an arduous road, a torturous road,
A road rocky and uncertain, framed by danger.
I have given until I bled,
Pled silently within for sweet victory
Invisible, immeasurable.

I have breathed tears,
Leaned on grief,
My essence abandoned.

Like rain upon hellish, barren land,
The joy, the revelation, the vast and ancient hopes, rekindled, have beguiled me,
Illuminating damnable dark skies,
Only to be swept away, time after time,
By wicked winds, harsh of voice and sullen.

I care not.

My wounds I will heal—
I will heal.

So stay the course I will.
Drive the rocky road I must.
Damn the winds:
Their voice I will not hear.
My heart cannot countenance defeat.
To admit failure is sinful, a half-hearted death.

For, when come those unearthly moments,
When the fences fall away and dissolve,
Rendering life more universal, worthwhile and large,
No choice have I but to surrender at love’s feat.

The flow of love entails no waste.
Love is the nature of all that lives and breathes.

This is truth.

About Russ Wollman

My feet are finally in the water, and I want to keep them there.
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