Good Morning to a Genuine Friend

photo (2)

Like this morning,
I think that maybe
You’re too easily freaked out,
Like when you pick up that something
I do
Makes no sense to you.
Like not using the car air conditioner when the beast of summer roars—
Or putting a cat on the top of my worries list.

Sometimes they don’t make sense to me, either,
Before you pounce on them
And rip them to shreds as a hungry lioness rips into her prey,
Take a moment to remember
That the guy whose voice and words
You’re hearing
Isn’t playing with a full deck—
Or something to that effect.
But he hopes to collect the missing cards pretty soon.
He knows you’ll help him avoid the duplicates.

About Russ Wollman

My feet are finally in the water, and I want to keep them there.
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