A short verse for Mr. Roland Caldwell, who tends the bar at Lillie’s Times Square


It was on the 20th of January that Lillie’s Victorian Establishment—on West 49th Street on the blessed Isle of Manhattan—found me. Above the entrance there is this message: “Celebrating friendship the old-fashioned way,” and that’s exactly how I came to write the bit of verse below.

Roland Caldwell was tending the bar when I entered, and he enjoined me at once to sit at the bar with him. Right away I felt as if we were friends of good long standing. We began to talk about life and its various aspects. That’s not unusual. But when Roland exclaimed with passion, “I miss carpentry!” he gave my wandering mind a focus.

So here they are, the fruit of my focused mind below and, at the top, Roland himself, to whom I dedicate and offer this bit of verse for the continued strength of his inspiration and passion. May he live long and love well all that he does and all whom he knows.

Aye, Miss Carpentry,
It is Orlando, your ardent admirer from slightly younger times.

I am estranged now, and sadly so,
For I am no longer privy to
The cold-blooded shriek of your hot-bladed saws, and
The teasing their fine edges committed on the rough tips of my fingers;
Nor am I neighborly now with your lathe, the lathe that so gracefully turned
My life around you.

My life around you
Brought to me that rich heartwood, a stuff of great hope,
Hope that this love would never die, never decay!
How I long for the misty dust,
The dust which covered my floors and softened my heart,
Filling my very breath with your magic—
But was, alas,
Bound only for the lowly dust-bin,
Mere evidence of an act not meant for repeating.

Thus do I lie
Bereft, in truth, of your
Grainy charms,
As I stand, waiting,
On one side of a rather ancient bar made, ironically, of


About Russ Wollman

My feet are finally in the water, and I want to keep them there.
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2 Responses to A short verse for Mr. Roland Caldwell, who tends the bar at Lillie’s Times Square

  1. Nicki Collins says:

    Looks like you are enjoying your belov’d City. Like your piece very much.

    What do I myself write to the friend who has lost the love of his life after 43 years of marriage and partnership in just 17 days of Illness?
    Yes just start, you say
    Just do it, you say
    Do your pages
    Nicki Collins in New Zealand

    • Russ Wollman says:

      Nicki, I suggest holding your friend’s hand—at least—while you give your friend your complete undivided attention. After listening, you may feel to speak and know better what to say.

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