The Morning. The Day. The Night.


The Morning:
It may clock in too early,
So I ignore it for a while.
Finally I worry it:
Have I exhausted my action cards?
Are my love cards all played out?
The great unknown looms so large it almost swallows me whole.
I manage to escape, yet


The Day:
Allows me to behold the many cards I still have left to play,
The laughter card,
The friends card, and better still,
The new friends card,
And the motion card, the change card.
The freedom card remains the mysterious one.
In her mercy she plays gently with me, yet


The Night:
Wafts in on a velvet breeze.
At last I know why it’s called evening:
Because after all that swung me to and fro since The Morning,
I need a shot at becoming even, just simply even, again.
My cat swoons as I sing to the angels,
My buddies Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael.
All is calm, all is dark, as I have a look in the mirror
To wonder as usual, before I abandon it all for another try,
“Who is this kid?”


About Russ Wollman

My feet are finally in the water, and I want to keep them there.
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