Clocks that Once Ticked



These are the times when all that is high and mighty is being dragged into a clarifying light. What you have placed on high may now appear tarnished, unworthy. Your idols may become dust.

Your time, your energy, and your intelligence are your most valuable commodities. They’re your real jewels; you own them more than you own anything else that appears to fall within the realm of possession.

Whatever you have looked up to in the past doesn’t matter. Nothing is fixed. The span of time is greater than your wildest, fondest imagination could reveal. Time has seen the rise and fall of entire civilizations, of the land and of the waters.

You are the one you must look up to now.

If you have loved and lost, still you have won, because love found you. Love knows you.
If you have been struck with arrogance, recognized it, and gone your quiet way, still you are victorious.

If life has not made you just a little more humble with the passing of time and experience, you may want to take a deep breath, a second look, and adopt an altered pace.

Never, even in the midst of huge conventions, fear the unconventional. You alone can give yourself the ticket; avoid the one that glitters, the one that’s so widely advertised. It may be nothing more than a ruse.

You are the one you must look up to. Engineer your life so that, most of all, you are the one who humbly inspires you.

Do these things, and you will set yourself up for the greatest prize.

About Russ Wollman

My feet are finally in the water, and I want to keep them there.
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2 Responses to Clocks that Once Ticked

  1. Jessica (from the plane) says:

    Russ, thank you for giving me hope. I don’t know how you knew I needed it. But, the world’s a better place for people like you. Best wishes as you dream!

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