Shoot! I can’t write.

Some famous but blocked writer must have said, “When you can’t write, shoot.” I just say, “Shoot! I can’t write.”

Which is probably the truth. I should go back to hauling rocks.

#1. A penny that became part of the Fifth Avenue pavement near the Library. Those little copper Lincolns are hardy. This one shines brightly though it has been run over all its life.



#2. Artwork I found during supper at Pret a Manger. It isn’t like this everywhere; some places are even worse. Like the sidewalks downtown. I’ll post a shot of that soon.



#3. Another subway scene. I liked the way the structure framed the details behind it.



# 4. “The housing supply is tight. We manage.” The city is a roaring colossus, but nature is more powerful. Tiny sparrows are everywhere. How can such a tiny bird make it here?



#5. The sidewalks are generous so you can rest after you walk. The boys and girls were out early this Sunday morn.






About Russ Wollman

My feet are finally in the water, and I want to keep them there.
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