Central Park Cinderella



She knew she was no Cinderella.
But she loved the story just the same.

She had this not-so-crazy-to-her idea:
A pair of pink shoes that had never touched the ground,
Never held her feet;
The wall on the west side of the Park;
And a stray key that opened a forgotten door.

She dreamed of a life peaceful, a place comfortable,
The life her family didn’t have, couldn’t give her.
And more than anything else—
Love that would stick around.

She took an uptown train from ‘way down in Brooklyn.
She found just the right spot on the wall and placed her shoes there.
Holding the key in her right hand,
She kissed it, gently,
And placing it inside one shoe,
She silently dubbed it the key to her heart.

She said a little prayer, quick-like.
Then she turned and ran as fast as she could.
She had to catch that train or she’d lose her job.

On that wall those pink shoes and the key work their silent magic.


About Russ Wollman

My feet are finally in the water, and I want to keep them there.
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2 Responses to Central Park Cinderella

  1. Betty Allen says:

    Ok, Russ, I am hooked. Was hooked at the first 2 lines. Is there more coming? Is it mine to finish?

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