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Discovering love in the big city, or “What’s Cooking?”

  I moved to New York to find love. There are 11 million people here. The odds must be terrific. They have to be terrific, right? Thus far, I…have seen a lot of cute dogs out for their walk.

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Take it from Carole King

I may never be a famous writer. But right now, thanks to one guy’s clever idea, I can share my writing, my self, with a diaspora of friends and with people I’ve never met who live in places I might … Continue reading

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“Your room,” said my mother, at least twice, “Is the warmest room in the house.”

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Speed, Control, and Happiness

  Even after I started to work in my father’s real estate business, he and I meshed well only on our fondness for automobiles; outside of that, our gears frequently clashed. This was so, I think, because he had two … Continue reading

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Mercury Blues

A couple of friends of mine just split up.  I’ve been his rock and driver for a month, since his wife got the car.  My car is now at eight years and 130K miles, and new wheels cost a bundle.  … Continue reading

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What else happened the day typhoon Wanda struck Hong Kong?

On Saturday, September 1, 1962, the day Typhoon Wanda struck the city of Hong Kong, I was struck by a sparkling new plum-colored 1963 Lincoln Continental sedan. Utterly unaware of the disaster on the other side of the planet, I’d … Continue reading

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A short stop in downtown Des Moines

Downtown Des Moines: Re-scraping my Childhood Skies By Russ Wollman When I was young, I enjoyed a certain distinction among my peers which had nothing to do with me and everything to do with my father’s ownership of  an 11-story … Continue reading

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