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Radio Italia

The bomb fell a mere two weeks after I landed in India, after my friend Alam and I had already endured a sleepless train ride, the rigors of air travel, and long hours in the car.

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At the writer’s group, and where a search for a Thermos bottle took me on Saturday.

At the writers’ group. I thought I’d have to struggle for ideas. Not so. It’s relaxing to be among some people tonight. I feel little need to get to know many of them, and my first attempt fell flat.

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I am a godless drifter sailing on the winds of a desperate sea.

This morning brought me memories of my first car, a 1973 Fiat 124 Sport Spider. I had to start writing immediately, because that car…well, I’ll simply say that without that car, I’d have been utterly miserable.

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What else happened the day typhoon Wanda struck Hong Kong?

On Saturday, September 1, 1962, the day Typhoon Wanda struck the city of Hong Kong, I was struck by a sparkling new plum-colored 1963 Lincoln Continental sedan. Utterly unaware of the disaster on the other side of the planet, I’d … Continue reading

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Facebook’s always asking to know what’s on my mind

Lately I’ve had more time to think. A couple of my closest friends have gone off to the hinterlands, places like New York and the North Carolina coast (they don’t know this, of course, but anywhere I am is the … Continue reading

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At the gondola repair shop in Venice

Few in this world will object if you clean up after yourself, put things in their proper place, and leave the situation better than you found it. On the other hand, some will be relieved when you simply leave the … Continue reading

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