Macy’s Has Everything

Those of you who are tuned in to my Fbook page know that I was in Macy’s at Herald Square, where I did not buy a KitchenAid mixmaster. Continue reading

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Radio Italia

The bomb fell a mere two weeks after I landed in India, after my friend Alam

Sahidul Alam, wearing a shirt that only Indians might be able to explain. Here he’s preparing to meditate. He has a rare sweetness and a huge heart.

and I had already endured a sleepless train ride,

the rigors of air travel, and long hours in the car. Continue reading

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On the Move in the Air, Once Again

After a noisy, restless 6 hours from New York on an aging Boeing 747, I’m enjoying some silence in London’s Heathrow airport, mercifully uncrowded on this first Sunday morning in February. Continue reading

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Reclaiming lost ground


This morning a storm of thoughts blew in while I lingered in bed in the dark, silent basement of a house in Fairfield, Iowa, where I’ve been since Saturday afternoon, December 1, to break from city life using a couple of weeks where the familiar faces are. Continue reading

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Valentino’s Back

Sometimes you wake up and you know you have to do something different: Continue reading

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How We Got to Kerala This Time

The plane ride from Abu Dhabi to Cochin was unexceptional. After the turbulence faded, the plane became very quiet. It seemed to glide without any help from the engines. Everything felt extremely smooth, almost glassy, as though we were flying in a complete vacuum. That’s how I want my inner life to feel, effortless inside with rapid progress outside. Continue reading

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NYC really wants to be French

Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I get a mite squirrelly up here in the miasma of the great Northeast Urbanity. With the lack of family and partner and kids and all that, it gets downright depressing sometimes, and I think to myself, “You have nothing to live for”, which is about as true and about as false as I’d like to think it is. Continue reading

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Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams

Before I reach the meat of this article, I need to get a few things off my chest, things that might help to explain why I write what I do. Most people who know me think I am incredibly lucky. In certain ways I’ve been enormously lucky. What many people struggle for has come fairly easily to me, though not without cost. That’s the way things work in this world: you don’t get something for nothing. And no one gets it all. Continue reading

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What’s with all those watches?

Just in case you’ve been tuned out for a while, I’ve been stationed in Manhattan full-time since late June 2017, writing periodically about what’s happening in The New York. Continue reading

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One cab ride among many

Tonight with a friend I drove to Brooklyn from Glen Cove, Long Island, where we had a short Transcendental Meditation retreat that gave us a much-needed few hours in the woods near the water, far away from the grind, the noise, the concrete, and all the rigors of city life. Continue reading

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